contact Gonzo,, hey here's another arty propaganda

dripping02 / singapore

2009-01-31 Sat 08:51:39

こだわるようですが、ドリッッピングに関する一番わかりやすい映像を見つけました。inside outsideの一部をyoutubeにアップしたものですね。

ミカジリ情報で、神戸でDAVID CHOEのグラフが見れるらしいです。


contat Gonzoは4月にシンガポールへの渡航が決まりました。
3週間で、むこうのKILL YOUR TELEVISIONというユニットのKAFAIとのコラボ作品を作ってきます。


Choy Ka Fai is a young video artist, performer, theatre and film director. He graduated from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Media Arts in 2004. While studying at LASALLE, he has been actively involved in the theatre scene. Video has always been his strong point of collaboration and basis of experimentations. One of his major work as collaborating video artist with Theatrework in ‘Sandakan Threnody’ ,directed by Ong Keng Sen. The production was presented in Singapore, Brisbane, and Melbourne Arts Festival 04.

As the Co-Artistic director of KYTV, he was actively involved in performing and creating multi-media design for KYTV performance since 2002.He had directed KYTV most recent short films and three performances of ‘Design For Death’ in Singapore and Korea 04. He also works as the Multimedia Artist for KYTV’s P.O.P Station, which had toured Singapore, London, Indonesia and Berlin.

In 2005, ka fai presented a performative audio visual project- Controlroomliveunitand directed KYTV’s ‘Not available On Print date’ for the 3rd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale. He is now undertaking research on interactive media design and a upcoming collaboration with Director Ong Ken Sen for “Diaspora” in September 2006.